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UNCSA Wig and Make-up Department 

Internal documents 


The wig and make-up department at UNCSA is organized to simulate the working environment of the professional world.

The following  sample documents and paperwork will showcase the way I have structured the department, assigning students to rolls such as budgeting director, shoppers , designers, asst. designers , shop managers etc.

Once I am familiar with an upcoming season,  I take great care with show assignments. I have developed this document to help assure that all the students have a balanced workload. 

As you can see in the " Show Assignments " tab  

all of this is accomplished through  cloud based computing allowing the department to function paperless as much as possible.

For instance the students are advised to set notifications for themselves within the documents, so that if I change an assignment a notification  will be sent to their device. 

For privacy purposes I have removed the students names from the documents.


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