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UNCSA Wig and Make-up Shop Design 


In 2003 I had the fortune to be asked to design and give advice in the new Wig and Make-up Shop  that UNCSA  was planning to construct.


I took my past experience in building small work environments, mostly for myself, and began the thought process of  designing the " perfect" Wig and Make-up Shop. The safety of the Faculty and Students working in this shop was paramount.


This resulted in the current  UNCSA Wig and Make-up Shop  which at one point supported a total of  50+ enrolled students.

Here are a few highlights


  • 45 miles of electrical wires, to support all the power needs. I have yet to trip a breaker

  • electrical outlets are conveniently located at each student stations

  • 4 independently operated exhaust systems to extract fumes and solvents

  • 2 Hair and Make-up Classrooms

  • 1 Prosthetic classroom

  • 1 industrial sized spray booth

  • 2 Faculty Offices

  • 2 Photo Light set ups for portfolio pictures

  • Stock room for our wig stock and raw materials

  • Floors and counter tops are chemical resistant



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